Staffeldt.Net Rising from the Ashes

After a slight misfortune on a (not so supported) VSAN configuration. as been recreated from various backup sources (aka and old HDD), and thus rises again as a Phoenix from the ashes.

What Happened?

My miniature homelab running on a 3-node VMware cluster with a 2-node ROBO VSAN config, experienced a multiple hardware failure (one disk had been faulty for a couple of months and then a power failure of an entire host).

What! no backup?

Staffeldt.Net was only meant temporary to be located on-premise (meaning the apartment small cupboard) but never got around to migrate it. For the same reason a proper backup was never done 🙁

Going Cloud!

Now I have embraced the Cloud for my “hybrid” activities falling between lab/testing and sparetime enjoyment (which naturally requires more persistency). This particular blog is hosted on AWS with their Lightsail product ($5 a month, for a suitable VM, static public IP and full OS access).

Why get a IaaS instead of a true SaaS?

It does pain me a little to be ‘less in control’ with the webserver by not having control over the entire infrastructure stack, but for this particular service (same as with my Email service) I prefer availability and stability over those last 10% of nerdiness. However I’m still not entirely ready to do full SaaS. Old fashioned I guess but there are a certain comfort at being close and in control of the data and OS infrastructure.

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