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Who am I?

The name is Kristian von Staffeldt and in the daytime I work for a network and security consulting firm and thus have a fairly extensive contact with a large sphere of technology and vendors of various solutions. I’m largely agnostic (but have favorites like most) when it comes to different technology in my areas of interest and tries to navigate the difficult waters of IT security with an open mind.

update (1/1-2018): Now working as a Consulting System Engineer @ Cisco … .

Why write stuff here?

Basically for the best reason… Because I enjoy writing it. Furthermore I like the idea of potentially others not having to do the same mistakes or other grand schemes that I have already gotten my hands slammed for.

It also serves somewhat as a notebook for my own usage. This I guess is particular obvious given the range of topics I might hit on.

Main Goal of the Site

Assisting just a few co-working in the industry would actually be quite enough. However it would also be nice if the server is not compromised and used as a staging platform for an all out DDoS attack against someone (so please don’t do that).

oh.. (standard legal disclaimer) This is my personal blog and everything here is my own opinions and views….