Better Thyself

It is a continuous exciting excercise to become better at any discipline, being either leisure or professional. I find that it is always part of the experience to track the progress and keeping on track. Hence here on this page I try to keep a journal of current and past efforts into different areas of expertise. Most of my targets here have been dictated by the place I work and the vendors we utilize but all are driven by the thirst for knowledge and desire for ‘growing’.

While the listings on current endeavors and past achievements are mainly more formalized goals in form of certification or other ‘paper based’ recognition. Other good places for continuations learning are:

  • Vendor academies/training
  • Vendor newsletters
  • LinkedIn feed (follow companies, persons, groups)
  • YouTube channels (blackhat/defcon/interops etc)
  • Various news Sites and Forums
  • Podcast (particular fond of Twits Security Now, by Steve Gibson)
  • TED talks for bigger picture perspective
  • Conferences (AWS reInvent, Black Hat, VMworld, Cisco Live, Interop etc)

I’m currently on the lookout for a good aggregation of the different feed. Know any?